Full Version: Finally have a machine
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Finally got a system that can handle GLES3.2 so at some point soon I'm going to play with it...when I get everything else done Big Grin

The NanoPiT4 has 3.2 on board, but it is giving me a bit of headache trying to open an X11 window in order to set up render targets, so for now, none of my projects work. I am investigating and have called in some big guns to help me out It seems to be limited to latest versions of Ubuntu...but I can't find out why at the moment.

Once I do get this figured out I'm going to use it as my main 3.2 system (well only one really, even though a couple of others claim to have 3.2 none of them are hardware enabled, the T4 is the 1st to come with all drivers on board, I'm sure the ubuntu thing is something that can be fixed)
Adding to this, I now also have a rather lovely NanoPi Neo4, which has the same SoC and therefore also supports GLES3.2 I'm mega busy though so no chance to try out any 3.2 coding just yet but watch this space.

There's a lot of really very nice Rockchip boards coming out, with 3.1 and 3.2 capabilities so I am going to be doing quite a bit of work on 3.1 and 3.2 to update the 2nd edition of the book which will also include more info on optimisation.
Now that I have finally resolved the issues with my Up^2, I also have a machine with a bit of power to do some OpenGLES3.2 as well, I'll start on some samples soon
Awesome! This looks like another board to put on the old shopping list.

Thanks for putting the time and effort with these and for sharing your results.
Also the latest version of TinkerOS2.something, has version 1.r13 drivers which provide access so OpenGLES3.2

So the Tinkerboard can join the list of potential boards
The Tinkerboard looks like a nice option and is a bit cheaper than the Up board. Are you using a Tinkerboard or Tinkerboard S. I guess the 'S' just adds 16GB of eMMC but is around $80 US.
Just the standard 1st gen Tinkerboard, I don't need the extra options
And I have to say the RockPi4 is a tasty bit of kit, faster than all the other ARM boards, though not able to compete with the much more expenisve Up^2

but it worked out of the box, has drivers, and has OpenGLES3.2...yum