Full Version: Installation of Bullet, STB and GLM
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Not an actual error but a change of content from the book so best to list here.

Most of the projects available for download are including lib files where needed, this tends to make them self contained but also rather large. GLM in particular is a large repetitive download on each project.

So over time I am going to be assuming that Bullet, STB and GLM are reinstalled on your targets using git clone, (see details how to install here), for Raspberry that will put the dirs in.. /Home/Pi

For non raspberry systems it will got into /Home/XXX where x is your user name when you logged on.

This will reduce the download size of the projects but may, just may, result in some incompatibility of projects expecting specific versions of the GLM (in particular as its live) libs. I will try to maintain regular updates of the libs and resolve changes as I find them, and note them here.
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