Full Version: If your trial has run out, try Dual Build Space Cadet
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The Download page now has a dual config version of Space Cadet, both VisualGDB and VisualStudio for Linux
Be sure to add a connection to your SBC, in the Tools->Cross Platform->Connection manager, and change all the current targets to yours. And build as an ARM config

At the moment the build is Raspberry Only, but its not a massive leap to make it generic to all Linux SBC's

I also note that you need to use the Linux Console window to see the code's printf output. Debugging/break points and watches, all work fine but there's a bit too much strange info you don't need, not sure how to turn that off.

If your VisualGDB Trial has run out and you don't want to buy an extension, you can continue with this Visual Studio version, its a little clunkier, and does sometimes crash your Visual Studio, but generally it works ok, and its free.
Incidently, even though I've set this up to be both VisualGDB AND Visual Studio for Linux Compatible, its not really wise to have both configs in your solution, intellisense gets utterly confused and it can be hard to visualise your code. Its only there for you to compare, but best to delete the VisualGDB project if you want to continue with a VisualStudio for Linux version.

But that said I have to say a bit more practice on VisualStudio for Linux is paying off, I now have worked out how to do muli core builds and set up the libraries correctly as well as the directories, and getting the debugger to work more effectivly. Use the Linux console for printf outputs.

Once you have it set up, its actually quite usable now, making changes to your build isn't quite as simple, and some of the defined $pathnames don't work forcing you to use proper dir names like ~Home\Pi but once thats sussed its fine and totally free.. FREE is always good.

After I've finished my code review to provide staged versions of the code, I'll make them all dual configs.