Full Version: We're going to need a bigger book
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Its not even Pi day...but look..the Pi 4 is out, and what a beast it is.

Im overjoyed about this, and also slightly amazed.. 2-3times the power and OpenGLES3.0 (maybe 3.1 or 3.2?) They have it listed as 3.0 and 3.x so curious to know which it is.

Also 1-4GB of LDDR4 memory, thats very refresshing, much more speed and more speace. The Raspberry now really has a place as a desktop system.

Can't say I'm overkeen on the dual screens, not sure why a Pi needs it, and the need therefore for mini adaptors but hey ho.. if people want it they get it,

I'm curious about the USB3.0, will the again share a bus? And a full Gigabit ethernet.. 

It really is a perfectly awesome little machine, and still at a base $35 for the 1GB, though I've gone for a 4GB model.

Well I guess its time look at adding those GLES3.0 chapters.
it arrived today, sadly without the case I ordered but its nice that they sent the Pi out while they wait for stocks

Burning an SD now with Buster to see what it does and does not do out of the box...
oh bugger, I have mini hdmi adapters, I didn't realise they were different...oh well, order made..back in the drawer
Wow! You already got one? That was quick. I only seen this within the last couple of days.

I'm looking at the 4Gb one just to have the full experience.

So, the Mini HDMI is different than the standard Mini HDMI?
It has Micro HDMI, even smaller I didn't make the connection..... I also have the 4GB version Big Grin But think I just got lucky ordering early

adapaters/cables will be here tomorrow I'll get it fired up and see what it can do
Ah, the Beaglebone Black boards have a mini HDMI but only one port.

Yeah, I should have jumped on the RasPi 4 when it was first announced. The earliest I had seen for the US was August 1st and some sites have stopped accepting pre orders due to the flood of current pre orders.
I don't need one and can wait. Perhaps Arrow will be giving them away like they did the RasPi 3 B+.