Full Version: Some new tutorials on the way
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A long time ago in a galaxy far away, about 10 years ago, some of my University collegues and I put together a basic introduction to C++ for games, and it was hosted on a few game dev sites.
Over time though they started to show their age and slipped down the search rankings. Despite saying every year we would update them, and make sure students were pointed to them, we just never got round to it.

But they have finally been updated, and will soon be hosted on my collegue Jeremiah van Oostens website at, where hopefully we can maintain and expand them,  just as soon as my OCD co-writers can stop tinkering with it.

If you want to learn C++ on your PC, and make some basic but functional content that can build into games (not unlike the methods I use for the 2D content in my book) feel free to check it out.

If you are a slightly more advanced coder, Jeremiah site is an amazing resource for you to enhance your 3D graphic knowledge and get into some very (I do mean very) complex content.. But theres some beginner/intermediate stuff there too.
Hey Brian,

Thanks for sharing this. I'll be sure to check it out.


First part, which is the most boring part setting up Visual Studio 2019 is now up and running, more parts incomming.
Looks cool.

Thanks for sharing this.
Part 2 up and ready, with some code to work with... part 3 coming soon
Very cool Brian.

So, looking at the files for the template, it looks like they are using GLEW and GLFW as well as SDL, so this is more directed to the desktop PC rather than a SBC, correct?. It seems like a nice place to start for someone just getting started or those that need a refresher though.

yes its for standard PC coding
several more parts are up and ready to play with, more to come.