Full Version: And another one to buy :D
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I like this idea very much

Having it as a complete system makes it almost plug and play, that will certainly encourage a few technophobes. Its also overclocked to 1.8Ghz thats quite a boost, I hope the cooling is up to it.. I'll have to buy one to test... (for research purposes of course)

I do think they've missed a trick by keeping the micro HDMI ports, they should have gone full size, but at least a cable is supplied.

I'm rather hoping they do a pro version with 8GB and a mech keyboard with full sized HDMI for under 150, that will be something to see..taking us right back to the 80's home computer days.
Yeah, this looks nice but the keyboard seems a bit cheap. Also, there appears to be no camera connection so I suppose a USB camera would be need if looking to use one.

Jeff Geerling did a breakdown of the Pi 400 and it looks like there are no heat-sinks on the main chips so that might be an issue with cooling since they are using a faster processor.  Jeff has another video where he over clocked the Pi to 2.2 Ghz so that would be interesting but even hotter.

I like the idea though.  It's like the old ZX Spectrum or Commodore systems.  Considering that Eben Upton came from a Gaming background, it sort of makes sense. 

I'm still not sure if I will jump on this as of yet though.

Perhaps a book on Game programming on the Pi 400 would be of interest to some.

watch this space, but take a lot of breaks, it'll be a while.
Seems its not actually overclocked, they are using a slightly different chip which allows for this clock speed which is why it can get up to 2.2ghz, but I don't really approve of overclocking and I assked Jeff on his Youtube if he could also try stressing the GPU at the same time as the CPU cos that tends to generate the most heat, it might start to get hot then.

Yes the keyboard is clearly quite budget and not something I'd use for any major length of time, but I do think this is a magnificent thing bringing the spirit of 80's bedroom coding back. It seems the heat is spread by a very large heat sink which is in contact via a thermal pad, so it is running pretty cool even if the unit itself gets a bit warm.

I will be getting one in due course though, can't resist but probably just go for the basic unit as I have plenty of power adaptors and SD cards to test it out.