Full Version: Im working on a Game..
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As I've been doing a lot of research to create new OpenGLES3.x systems and at the same time prepping my students to do a Pi4 project this year, I have decided to roll the research and student project into making a full scale freeware game..

I'd like to update my webpage to show this but as I've just completed a transition to a new PC i dont' currently have the tools in place to do that, but will sort it soon..

Details of the project are on my Patreon page at 

If you would like to support this, please sign up, even a few dollars can make a difference.

I won't post too much on here until its done but when it is complete I'll use make the key componants available and useable for readers to build their own content.

Getting into it Big Grin
Spline flythrough, though no lerping on the camera look yet as I didn't quite have the means to determine which control point was in play, I've since worked that out.
more videos will follow soon.
If you'd like to see more, follow me on
small updates as I move things round in space