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I'd like to introduce myself :) - DieSkaarj - 06-07-2018

Hi Brian and Everyone,

I'm David Oberlin and it's been a while since I've done any coding. I studied Software Development at Forth Valley College, Falkirk Tech, around the millennium but due to complicated circumstances never found myself a job in what is now STEM.

In the last two decades I've played around with many different engines. From Adventure Game Studio and Arcade Game Studio to just modding other games like Doom, Duke3d and Unreal. I've got some killer Doom levels still kicking around and a few prototypes of other games. However I've never released anything formally, well except Doom levels.

I recently completed a beginners refresher course on c++ targeted for Linux on the Pi [Learn To Program Using C++ On The Raspberry Pi, Phil Gardner.] and I was happy to find out not a lot has changed. Anyway I'm really excited to learn more about the engineering side of game design. So I can hopefully deploy and support some awesome experiences on multiple systems.  At the moment I have a RP3B+ and an Odroid XU4 to play with however in future I'm hoping to get an UP Board for that x86 compatibility.

I'm looking forward to completing this book with you all and wishing everyone the best.

Kind Regards


RE: I'd like to introduce myself :) - Brian Beuken - 06-07-2018

Welcome David, really glad to have you on board (the last 20 or so registrations were spammers, so nice to see a real person again)

I have 2 Up boards, the squared almost works, and if I can find out why my vertices are wrong it will the fastest board in my collection, but I've given up on the core until they get the software sorted. The XU4 is a beast of a machine though and great great fun to play with, I'll set up some examples of how to set the X11 system up, which is different from the Pi's Broadcom video systems.

Feel free to ask for help anytime on here, I check regularly and am happy to help when I can.


RE: I'd like to introduce myself :) - DieSkaarj - 06-12-2018

Thanks Brian!

I'm really enjoying working through the book so far. Even typing in the code manually. That's probably nostalgia working its magic though; I learned BASIC when I was a kid that way but the only games I ever made were adapting Choose Your Own Adventure titles with a lot of GOTO instructions.  Rolleyes

Details on setting up the X11 system on the XU4 for development would be a fantastic extension to its use in my home. It's just an emulator at the moment but it'd be nice to use some of its capabilities for more nefarious purposes like executing game code.

In regards to problems with the code most of mine have been of my own doing. I have a love/absolutely-despise relationship with m$, even more so with Win 10 that I've moved my development machine onto Linux (Debian 9.)  It's much less distracting. I've got the raspberypi toolchain up, running and cross compiling through Eclipse, and so if anyone needs a hand setting their own Linux environment up I can tell them how I did it.

Have you had any experience running Win98/XP games on the UP board? I'm hoping to create a portable GOG library when I get one Smile

RE: I'd like to introduce myself :) - Brian Beuken - 06-12-2018

the dev system you use is up to you really I just find VS and VisualGDB to be best for me...but happy to see someone trying something different, please make a separate post and let others know how.

No so far I only set up their version of Linux on the Up boards, the Squared was ok, aside from an issue with models, the core is just not working at all yet...I hate when they make the set up so complex, but I would need to spend a few days on it to really get it up and running and my focus is mainly on getting base level Raspberry demos up and running in the next weeks.

But I will get to it..

RE: I'd like to introduce myself :) - Brian Beuken - 06-12-2018

I've set up a non windows sub forum for people like you who prefer to use non windows systems.