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Any clever Linux people here? - Brian Beuken - 06-20-2018

Last year Allwinner announced binary blobs for the GPU's were released and could be added to your Allwinner equiped SBC's

I've been hoping to see more Allwiner chips with the results of that release but so far nothing.

But I understand it is possible to add them yourself....But as I'm not a linux developer  I'm a bit confused by the process

The details are here,

I can certainly understand the script, but how you find/edit/use a DTS file is beyond me.... can anyone help?

RE: Any clever Linux people here? - jomoengineer - 08-02-2018

Have you looked at the following?

There is some explanation under the "Installing on systems that are not supported out of the box" section.

RE: Any clever Linux people here? - Brian Beuken - 08-02-2018

thank's I'll check this out soon

RE: Any clever Linux people here? - Brian Beuken - 08-02-2018

hmmmm ok so I just had a quick look.

First find a suitable device tree blob (DTB) for your board. You might find one in the daily builds, or in the device-tree git repo. The latter is a repository containing all of the device tree files shipped with the upstream Linux kernel but in a separate git tree (which is much quicker to clone and build than the full kernel) which tracks mainline Linux development. You can build all of the ARM (and therefore Allwinner/sunxi) device tree blobs in that tree in only a few seconds devices with:

and I certainly recognize some of those words, just not in the combinations they are using there Big Grin

I guess I need to wait till someone who enjoys this obscure necromancy gets around to it.