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Odroid C2 - Brian Beuken - 06-22-2018

Like the Odroid XU4 set up is identical but performance isn't quite as impressive as you might expect from a Mali 450 which has 3 vertex and 2 pixel units. Not sure exactly what that means really in terms of how it relates to cores on other systems but bottom line is its not that fast

It also seems to have a small issue with inverted UV coords, which needs to be looked at

and finally it needs the chmod hack to get keys working

 sudo chmod  a+r /dev/input/*

But... if I can fix the inverted UV (or whatever it is) its a nicely working system on a par with the Raspberry in terms of its performance.

EDIT... though after testing the frame rates, actually its much slower, so it maybe that the OGLES is not fully functioning, or, possibly that the lack of optimization in the renders is more serious on this GPU.
The CPU certainly seems to outperform the Rpi, but the GPU isn't currently doing it for me.

RE: Odroid C2 - Brian Beuken - 06-23-2018

Ah the inverted UV's were a lack of glCullFace(GL_BACK);
when setting up a non raspberry

obvious when you see it Big Grin