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Code for issue 71 - SteveSTEM - 07-05-2018

It doesn't look like the code for the latest issue has been posted to GitHub. I don't know who looks after the repi,or if there's an alternative location...

RE: Code for issue 71 - Brian Beuken - 07-06-2018

yeah its my fault I am sorry, I have been crazy mad busy at work, and never got the code sent over to them, it will be done this weekend though, hang in there.


RE: Code for issue 71 - SteveSTEM - 07-07-2018

No problem.
I know that state.

RE: Code for issue 71 - Brian Beuken - 07-09-2018

ok sorry still busy at work, but today was the last teaching day and I'm free again.

The code is all done and dusted, but as you might know I use Visual GDB for my development, so it needs to be ported and tested on Code::Blocks which takes a bit of effort sometime this one has been a bit trickier because of a dual compile output...but I hope to finish tonight or tomorrow and get it on here first then sent down to MagPi, who are being very patient with me.

RE: Code for issue 71 - SteveSTEM - 07-25-2018

I'm not seeing any update on the MagPi-71 repo. Are the files on here somewhere ?

RE: Code for issue 71 - Brian Beuken - 07-25-2018

They are on their way, again sorry for delay, there was a bit of a problem when my tester couldn't get it to work on his target (I always get him to test all the code before I send it).. We never found the exact cause, but by redoing the FastUpdate we got it working.......then it didn't work on my I've redone it again and I'm just waiting for him to tell me it works..

(I've tested it on 5 differnt Pi's and its all ok so am hoping its fine now)
I'll stick it on here tomorrow as soon as he says its fine. Then get it over to MagPi to update the repo

RE: Code for issue 71 - Brian Beuken - 07-26-2018

Here's the code, its also been sent to MagPi, and should be up on their github soon, the bug was........ a Typo...yup, I still get caught by those (it's in the last issues code too, but there it did no harm, i wonder if you can find it?)