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A little something from my students - Brian Beuken - 07-08-2018

I give my 1st year  students Raspberry Pi's to work on for 8 weeks each year, mainly as an introduction to OpenGL, shaders and code design to use the GPU well.
Its often fun and some really nice games come out of it. I don't set them any very hard goals, just revamp a retro game, do a quake demo, or for those who want to dabble with networking, create a 2 player networked version of Battleships and visualise it anyway they want.

This year, some of my students decided to polish up their version of Battleships and do a cross platform version.
They even did a small trailer of it, though I can't say its all that good, lucky they are not media students. Big Grin

But I'm still very pleased they made the effort to polish and cross develop it. So thanks to 
Joey Jacobs
Erico Wiggers
Arthur Kuylaars

Team 6 - Block C - Year 1

I'll try to set up a download for you have a go at it, though it needs 2 players with their own pi's to work over a network! (should also work with a PC as the host?) uploaded on the main site's download pages