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UP2 (squared)
A very nice board this, intel based for a change, but running a version of linux. It wasn't massively hard to get set up as most of the graphic drivers come with it

I have the lower priced 2GB  Celeron dual core version, but its still fantastically fast compared to an ARM board. the more expensive quad core pentium version was over my (at the timer) $100 limit. I got it on a kickstarter for even more of a discount. Its now selling without case or (6v) Power for the base version at $145 ,so basically it is outside my self impost price range. The 8G quad pentiums got up to $350, not sure there's a good reason to buy these unless you need a portable windows 10 system.

Of course that power comes at a price, in this case a massive heat sink and case to hold it all together. But this beast is basically a mini PC, and you can install full windows on it if you want (I might)

Everything compiles and runs just fine....except.

All my model graphics are corrupted, not in a random way, just that their vertex info seems to be wrong. I assume, (perhaps wrongly) that even though its running GLES2.0 and GLSL100 it needs some more clarity in the data being sent to the shaders. I can indeed see that they are in the right positions, scale and rotations are correct, but the models themselves look more like the cubes you get out of car crushers in scrap yards... 

No idea why at the moment, it may be some kind of high/low bit arrangement, or it may be that some data is not initialising on intel systems as it would on ARM (thats my current best guess), I'll play with it and find out.

One thing though, despite this odd corruption....this is the fastest board I've ever used, it blows all the others away... If I can fix the graphics it will be such a blast to work on.
Brian Beuken
Lecturer in Game Programming at Breda University of Applied Sciences.
Author of The Fundamentals of C/C++ Game Programming: Using Target-based Development on SBC's 


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