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Not a bot - but a book reader
I was, waiting . . . for the email . . . 

Just bought the book. Not really a Windows user and don't think that I will be using Visual Studio any time soon, if ever. So will glean what I can from the reading.

Generally looking to improve my C and gain an insight into a little C++ and rudimentary gaming technique along the way. My background is largely in Unix/Linux, with bash, AWK and C; spending time with a collection of Raspberry Pi, and Arduino nano clones.

Increase in registrations not necessarily from RPi sales, but book sales perhaps.
Hi Ian
There won't be a mail, I discovered that the spammers had auto confirmation systems waiting for them, and they flooded the site, so now its only me, checking your request, and making sure your IP is not on a spam site.. Its slower but its much more effective.

Thanks for signing up and I hope you enjoy the book, it is possible to use other editors, but the ease of using visual studio with Visual GDB might convince you to dabble in just a bit of windows Big Grin

But the principles in the book are not specific to Windows, since the target is always the Raspberry or similar SBC, I've used Code::Blocks on those quite a lot and they are effective (though not even close to being as user friendly as Visual Studio)

But however you decide to edit your code, the book should help, and I and others here will do our best to help
Brian Beuken
Lecturer in Game Programming at Breda University of Applied Sciences.
Author of The Fundamentals of C/C++ Game Programming: Using Target-based Development on SBC's 


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