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Google Coral Dev Board
The NVIDA Jetson Nano appears to have a competitor from Google.
The Google Coral Dev Board

It's available from Mouser or Seeed at $149.00 US

The Coral comes with on board WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 where as the Jeson Nano does not, however for $25US you can add a WiFi/BT 4.2 M.2 Module to the Nano.

Like the Nano, the Coral comes in a SoM which is based on the NXP's iMX8M system-on-chip (SOC) with:
- Quad symmetric Cortex-A53 processors:
- Support of 64-bit Armv8-A architecture
- Arm Cortex-M4 core platform
- Vicante GC7000 lite graphics GPU (OpenGL ES 3.1 support)
- Two PCI Express Gen2 interfaces

And other goodies.

I would like to have one to test drive but not looking to pay for it yet.
Only a 16 core GPU though, the Nano would leave it in its dust on anything graphic, but a nice board for sure... sadly outside my $100 price limit
All the extra stuff is cool though.
Brian Beuken
Lecturer in Game Programming at Breda University of Applied Sciences.
Author of The Fundamentals of C/C++ Game Programming: Using Target-based Development on SBC's 


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