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Orange Pi 4
yeahhh another new Orange....... I think I only have 1 in my drawer that actually works with graphics, can't remember now. I buy them, find them to lack drivers and put them back in the drawer..maybe I should do a recap sometime soon as their OS's must have had updates and maybe have GPU drivers now.

Its not really something I should grumble about, Orange make no claims their boards are for anything other than maker projects and many makers just don't need accelerated graphics (and are often quick to point this out when you complain about the lack), but the rise in retropi builds is seeing more and more units needing support and the combination of low cost and high features of most OrangePi boards makes them appealing to that market.

Anyway, this is another RK3399 board, and indeed most of the other RK3399 boards have had drivers, Rockchip  must be releasing the drivers so hopefully this one also has the goodies on board.
Its under the $100 limit, and the addition of an AI support chip may be interesting, though I find most of these add on's to be very very specific to deep learning which isn't a topic that interests me much (I wonder if there's other things I can do with them), but with Rock Pi and NanoPi selling at a little less, its going to be down to market penetration to see which succeeds (Orange do have a good retail network, and ali express is pretty cool)

Orange  have a tendancy to chuck these boards out and then move on to another design but this does look promising, even though its more expensive than the NanoPi M4 (my current fav RK3399 unit, an awesome, but a little flaky with its eMMC, board), though with 4GB rather than 2GB or RAM.
I must say I like the moves toward more ram, 1GB was nice but  4GB is 4times nicer Big Grin

I'll order one next month and try it out.. I do hope it is driver supported, the Mali T860Mp4 is a nice GPU and I'd love to try to compare it and the other RK3399 boards, with the Raspi4's new videcore chip.
There's no sign of a case or specific heat sink, which for sure these puppies will need, the Rock and Nano Pi units come with solid lumps of aluminium to keep them chilled, and a standard RPI stick on ebay unit wont' do much to keep these babies from running a fever. Might be wise to wait till suitable cooling cases are ready.
Brian Beuken
Lecturer in Game Programming at Breda University of Applied Sciences.
Author of The Fundamentals of C/C++ Game Programming: Using Target-based Development on SBC's 


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